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Fitting Business Applications within your Practice Scope

If youve worked in the Microsoft space for a while, you may have heard the buzz concerning the Business Applications offering. This is where, as a partner, you can start to realise benefits and growth by implementing a range of off-the-shelf, feature-rich applications, designed to meet everyday business scenarios. 

Figuring out where to start with all this can be nightmarish  Microsoft Office is straightforward in comparison, right? So, let us take the headache out of this by explaining all the different Business Applications products available today, and how they could benefit your end customers. 

Dynamics 365  

The key moniker relating to Business Applications is Dynamics 365, a name which signifies an expansive range of cloud-first solutions, that can be taken individually or used together seamlessly; organisations simply take what they need, and grow at their own pace. Microsoft split out the Dynamics 365 range of apps into two core areas – transactional & observational and analytical apps. Let’s break down what’s within each of these. 

Transactional & Observational Applications 

These represent the core, line of business applications organisations will use, covering a variety of different business functions, such as: 

Sales: For small and large teams alike, Dynamics 365 Sales provides an enhanced sales force automation tool, helping to promote smarter selling practices. 

Marketing: Regardless of the types of promotional activities you need to run, Dynamics 365 Marketing helps get you there. Supporting true omnichannel campaigns and straightforward sales system integration, it allows you to prioritise new prospects faster. 

Service: Whether you need to provide remote or in-person service to your customers, Dynamics 365 can help. Use Dynamics 365 Customer Service to guide agents to the right steps to resolve an issue or Dynamics 365 Field Service to provide proactive, on-site support. Finally, use the power of Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to bring together the various expertise to fix the problem, anywhere in the world. 

Finance: Regardless of the type of accounting system needed, there’s an app for that! Dynamics 365 Business Central provides an easy to use business management tool, and Dynamics 365 Finance provides a truly global, cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. 

Retail: The recent COVID-19 crisis has made it essential for retail organisations to offer an engaging and straightforward online experience. By leveraging Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Dynamics 365 Commerce, organisations can address the warehousing, transportation and back-office challenges associated with c online retail scenarios. 

HR: Whether you want to provide an optimal experience for all employees or attract the right talent, Dynamics 365 Human Resources can get you there. You can also expand this further via Dynamics 365 Guides to improve your internal training processes. 

Analytical Applications 

Understanding what’s going on within your business is crucial to making better decisions. And, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), it’s super easy to get there. Dynamics 365 Sales Insights allows organisations to understand customer interactions and how key salespeople are performing. Moving beyond this, you can use Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights to you are always delivering service excellence. Finally, Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection allows an organisation to protect themselves against the cost of fraudulent transactions. All these solutions leverage AI at their core, to deliver previously unfathomable insights. 

Power Platform 

For situations where one of the above applications is unsuitable, you can leverage the capabilities within the Power Platform to extend out your solution, unlocking abilities such as: 

Rapid low-code/no-code application development, for internal and external users, through Power Apps. 

Simple or complex workflow automation via Power Automate flows, with a broad range of connectors available. 

Advanced visualisation and report development tools delivered via Power BI, that provides a single view on how a business is doing. 

Sitting underneath this, Microsoft has embedded the AI Builder turnkey solution, allowing you to perform complex operations such as form processing in a few clicks. We can also leverage an enterprise-grade database solution, called Microsoft Dataverse, to store and secure core business data. In short, the Power Platform allows partners to straightforwardly implement a range of transformational solutions. 

Navigating the range of Business Applications products can feel like stepping into a minefield. Fortunately, Agility on Demand can help here. We have access to the experts you need in this area. And, thanks to our bench offering, it’s possible to get this expertise into your business for whatever period you need.

Contact us today on 0203 488 7055 or email to find out more. 

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Thank you to Joe Griffin from SOLO Cloud Solutions for writing this informative post.

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