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Getting started with Power BI

We get it. You’re a successful Microsoft Partner, selling either a modern workplace or an ISV solution, hosted on Microsoft Azure or leveraging the .NET stack. Your customers are happy, and you’re getting paid – why change a good thing and start to overcomplicate things by introducing a whole new aspect to your solution? Well, it could be that you start falling behind the competition. Organisations the world over now expect a previously unparalleled level of information to be presented to them, on-demand and covering many different systems at once. As a partner or MSP, it, therefore, becomes invaluable for you to consider how Power BI can be “bolted on” as part of your existing solution or services. With this in mind, here are three easy ways that Agility on Demand would recommend you start using Power BI within your business. 

Real-Time Service Performance Dashboards 

There’s a really good chance that, as a partner, you have some servicing or ticket management system, that you use to log service requests and track the amount of time spent on each case. And, as part of your contract, you may be required to present monthly, quarterly or annual reports or presentations, to provide assurance that you are meeting and exceeding your Service Level Agreement’s (SLAs) or Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Wouldn’t it be great if you could take all the hassle out of preparing for these meetings and, instead, provide an interactive reporting tool that your clients can access, night and day? This is perhaps the most comfortable way you can start to use Power BI effectively as a partner organisation as, thanks in part to the wide variety of available connectors, pulling in data from external service desk management tools becomes dead easy. You can then take advantage of visualisation types such as KPI or radial gauges to present your required information in an innovative, easy to use manner. 

Big Data Analytics Solution 

In today’s world of almost unlimited, low-cost data store solutions, it becomes easier than ever to collect nearly any kind of metric or performance data from a software system. Finding an innovative and exciting way to consume this? Less obvious perhaps. This is where Power BI can become a real benefit, and you have a plethora of options at your disposal, depending on the type of solution you’ve built out. For example, if you have an Internet of Thing (IoT) solution, you could leverage streaming datasets to provide a real-time window into how your end devices are performing. Or, if you need to perform “big data” processing activities against your datasets using a solution such as Azure Databricks, you can then use Power BI to bring this in for consumption for your data scientists or engineers. Combined together, you can start to get a handle on what could be a veritable goldmine of insights. 

Dashboard in a Day 

Often, getting customers enthused about Power BI is not enough; they want to then understand the skills they need to get started. A great way in which a partner can differentiate themselves here is by running a free Dashboard in a Day event. Events such as these equip all attendees with the skills they need to bring in business data, explore it using a variety of different visualisation types and then share this with others within the business. And, because Microsoft provides you with all the assets you need to run this specialised workshop, you can very quickly showcase your organisation’s capabilities, while providing a useful service for your current or future customers. In order to deliver such an event, take note that you must meet the required eligibility requirements from Microsoft by becoming a Power BI Solution Provider. 

As you can see, it becomes straightforward to start factoring in Power BI alongside your existing business model and, as a consequence, deliver benefits for both your internal team members and end customers alike. Getting started, though, can be easier said then done if you dont have the expertise on hand to kick start your journey. 

Thats where Agility on Demands innovative approach to resourcing solution comes into play, by allowing you to access a bench of skilled Power BI and Data Platform specialists, for however long you need them – whether its for a few days or months. To find out more about the specialists we have on offer, contact us today on 0203 488 7055 or to find out more. 

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