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10 ways to make your application process more inclusive

When scaling, are you considering how the hiring decisions of today will affect the look of your company in 1 to 2 years’ time?

Consider this: you start up by hiring people from your network that you respect and trust. As you grow, your people recommend those in their network they trust, and before you know it, you have a company that all look and sound the same.

 If you really truly want to build a diverse company, then it starts by taking the right actions as soon as possible, the first being to create an inclusive hiring process.

 Let’s address the application part of the process first! Here are our 10 top tips:

  1. Include a statement which shows your commitment to DEI and an accessible, equitable and inclusive recruitment process on your careers page – contact us for an example.
  2. Offer adjustments in your process for those that might need them to ensure each candidate has the same chance of being hired. Give some examples of these adjustments such as providing questions upfront.
  3. Advertise salaries on your job adverts – you will find more people apply and doing this shows your commitment to salary transparency and pay equality.
  4. Remove the long shopping/requirements list on your adverts and stick to 5 non- negotiables. This will reduce the amount of people who might deselect and especially females.
  5. Watch out for common exclusionary points such as asking for dynamic people, fluent English speakers, degrees, experience in years.
  6. Run your job adverts through an inclusivity decoder to ensure your language is inclusive. We love Adbuilder because it gives you an 'inclusivity' and 'readability' score with recommended words to change with examples.
  7. Check your application process to ensure it isn’t too onerous - asking for a cover letter or long chunks of text may not work for some people.
  8. If you are looking to collect DEI data on application, then make sure you include a privacy statement and list ALL identity markers. Make people feel safe about giving you their personal information.
  9. Advertise the recruitment process on your careers page – doing so provides clarity upfront and reduces the anxiety some candidates might experience.
  10. Show case all benefits and highlight those which demonstrate inclusivity such as flexibility in working hours, remote working and family building benefits.

This is a huge topic, so we hope these simple tips will get you started in the right way. Look out for our next article which will give you tips for the interview stages.

When considering implementing any of these tips, remember that just hiring inclusively isn’t enough to achieving a diverse, inclusive and equitable culture. You have to walk the talk every day too 😃

AoD are committed to helping our clients build accessible, equitable and inclusive recruitment processes. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our consultancy services or ‘inclusive recruitment’ training sessions for hiring teams -

Posted by: Agility On Demand