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10 ways to start building an equitable and inclusive culture

We have said in both articles that having an accessible, equitable and inclusive process isn’t enough, you need to walk to the talk every day too.

This means ensuring that the promises you made directly and indirectly during the interview process are realised day to day or you might experience retention issues.

If you have ever been involved in cultural change programmes you will know the time and commitment investment needed to create, embed and retain a culture.

A quick article is just a tip of the iceberg, so we encourage you to engage with an Employee Engagement/DEI expert to help you achieve long lasting results.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Gain feedback from your interview processes – how can it be better?
  2. Review your on-boarding programme – is it accessible? Do you adjust it based on what people need and how they learn?
  3. Ask new starters what they need from you in terms of management and support – what style will bring the best out of them, will you need to flex in any way?
  4. Define your values with accessibility, equality and inclusivity at the heart. ‘Chunk’ down those values into day-to-day behaviours – what do you want to see and hear from your people?
  5. Review and reward using the values – embed them into your 360 feedback process and reward great demonstrations of living the values.
  6. Define your employee value proposition (helps with hiring too!) and collect anonymous employee feedback regularly to see what is working well and what might need to change.
  7. Review your retention rate – what is the data telling you? Are there common groups of people that leave? Think about how you obtain valuable feedback from leavers and what actions you can take as a result.
  8. How will you educate everyone on key DEI issues and gain further insight? Who in your business might want to lead further initiatives internally and externally perhaps through community building activities?
  9. How will you give back? For people to be truly engaged they need to know their work is impactful. What external opportunities could be created for people to give back to communities that need it most?
  10. Give yourself a pat on the pack and relax! Seriously. Even if you do 5 things out of the 3 articles you will be doing more than many companies out there. This is a journey and there is no end point.

We hope you have enjoyed our 3-part series and as we have said all the way along, this is a HUGE topic and we cannot do it justice in print. We hope you have some food for thought, some short term and more longer term agenda items to consider.  

Remember who you hire today will shape your tomorrow. Asking recruiters for more diverse short lists when you are 100 people will not tackle the problem.

Defining your culture and then throwing that out the window at times of stress will not build you the culture you want either.

And most importantly this is not all down to you.

Everyone you hire needs to share your passion for diversity and inclusion. This way there will shared responsibility for driving the culture you want.

AoD are committed to helping all our clients build accessible, equitable and inclusive recruitment processes. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our consultancy services or ‘inclusive recruitment’ training sessions for hiring teams -


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