Delivery Director is a very happy customer!

Edit (Kin + Carta) engaged with AoD to help them build specialist benches for their pipeline projects. They knew that going to market when they won projects could risk them not finding who they needed and within budget, so using our Bench model was the perfect way to mitigate that risk.

During the bench building, they reached capacity in some of their teams and used AoD to fill contract roles that were urgent. Our record so far has been filling a job within 24 hours - from brief to acceptance! That is no easy feat because Edit are very particular about who they engage with - only the best contractors can represent their brand with customers. 

"AoD have been brilliant - the speed, quality and slick process has been a relevation. (if anything the speed at times has caught us out - sometimes getting too many good candidates, too quickly for us to turn around!)"

When Edit reviewed one of the Benches we had created for them using pre-recorded video interviews, they said:

"This is epic. It is like internet shopping for candidates. It has saved us 3-4 hours of time."

We are very proud of this feedback. It demonstrates we can deliver quickly to live contract roles and are also saving the client's time with our bespoke Benches.

Team Agility