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Google tells us that 50 billion searches are made in its global search engine per month; it also tells us that 30% of those searches are employment-related queries. Of those searches, the most common are job searches, followed by pay advice.

That is a great deal of opportunity for employers to source their own staff direct and the best way to make that happen is with a career site or a career microsite. One that not only engagingly tells your story but one that plugs your jobs into Google tools directly. For example, 'Google for Jobs' the new search engine tool from Google that is just for job seekers.

Our career site tech is offered on a SaaS model. It can be provided in a layered service format from delivering just the tech so you can take advantage of all those job seekers to full-on branding to present your employment opportunities story and company culture (values, ethos, diversity, inclusion and so on...) in its best possible light.